Our State. Our Rights.

We have worked hard in Wisconsin to protect our right to choose what goes into our and our children’s bodies.  But this battle is far from over.  We MUST keep fighting for vaccine choice not only for our children, but for us as adults too.

Senate Hearings Happening on Jan. 11 and 12

We Need YOU to Come!


How You Can Get Involved

How to contact my WI legislators about vaccines

Contact Your Legislators

Your legislators can’t represent you if they don’t know what you want.  Writing and calling are effective ways to communicate your desires.  While it is more difficult to meet in person during this time, in-district appointments or even Zoom appointments may be possible. Don’t know who your legislators are?  Enter your address here to find out!

Wisconsin vaccine laws

Get Educated

If you are new to learning about vaccines, it can feel overwhelming trying to figure out who to trust and where to find good, reliable information.  The National Vaccine Information Center is a great place to start.  You will find tons of information ranging from questions to ask your doctor, benefits and risks of each vaccine, and so much more.

Tell people about vaccine choice in wisconsin

Tell Your Family and Friends

Many people are unaware of how they can get involved and/or wonder if their voice even matters.  We are here to tell you that it absolutely does!  And the more voices there are speaking up, the bigger impact we will have.  We urge you to directly reach out to your family and friends who value their freedom, and help them get involved.

What We Do

 We are actively involved in working with Wisconsin legislators to preserve our right as parents to choose which vaccines our children receive.  Further, we aim to prevent employment, health insurance, or any other discrimination against adults who choose to forego one or more vaccinations.

Our Mission

Vaccine Choice Wisconsin is dedicated to ensuring that vaccination is always a choice for Wisconsinites from conception to their final heartbeat.

Become an Ally. Get Involved.

If you believe that your right to choose which vaccines get injected into your body is a fundamental freedom, it is time to step up.  We can’t be silent any longer.  We can’t rely on someone else to do the fighting for us.  It takes every single one of us to help in whatever way we can, whether it be financially, calling, writing, or visiting your legislators, getting your family and friends involved or all of the above.  The time is now Wisconsin!